• Added to Slam Dunk Festival Line Up and more gigs for 2013

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    If you hadn’t already heard we are now on the Slam Dunk Festival, check out the gigs page for more info…

    We’ve also announced a couple one off shows and a tour in November… again more info is on the tour page… check it out and see you in the pit!


  • *IMPORTANT* Change of Show on 11th November… Now In Derby :)

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    Due to circumstances beyond our control the Peterborough show on 11th November is no longer going ahead… however we are really pleased to announce that the Victoria Inn has helped us out by putting on a show that night to replace it.

    Hope to see as many of you as can get there on the night, last time we were there was an absolute blast!!



    ★Admission is £8ADV

    ★TIME :: 7PM
    ★AGES :: 18+
    ☛INFORMATION :: http://www.thevictoriainnderby.co.uk/

    ☛TICKETS :: Over the phone via 01332 20 48 73
    ☛TICKETS :: http://thevictoriainnderby.co.uk/

  • Been in the studio again… and booking more shows for 2012

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    Been a while updating the site… man, where did that year go? lol!

    Anyway, we haven’t just been sitting here (well not all of it anyway) and have been writing a couple new tunes and recording… more on that soon…

    We are also looking at doing something we haven’t done for a long while.. should be a good laugh and again, more on that real soon.. mean I know!

    As well as being really cryptic and not really giving you much news at all we are also booking up a bunch of shows for 2012 soon so keep ‘em peeled for new dates.

    Also added a ‘time line’ of stuff we have done as a band on the Bio tab – made us smile looking at all the stuff we have got up to… I’m sure there is a lot we have missed too!

    We are thinking of adding a list of all the shows we have done (or again, at least the ones we remember!) so let us know if you like the thought of that..

    Anyway, gonna fly, Christmas round the corner and stuff to do but you’ll hear from us again real soon..

    Have a great Christmas and New Year and thanks for your continued support, it means a lot to us.


  • April Tour and TWO NEW TRACKS!

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    Not long now, just finishing up the final info and then on the road on Friday… gonna be nice to get out and place live.

    We’ve been into the studio and have the 2 new tracks recorded, they’re sounding really good and we are really happy with them… they are in the set so if you are coming to see us listen out for Higher Ground and Nothing At All and let us know what you think!

    We will be releasing the tracks some time soon so we’ll keep you posted.

    We also started putting some videos up on Youtube (check them out at http://www.youtube.com/spungeuk) about the recordings an I plan to get a bunch of stuff up there from the tour coming up so go subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

    Right, I’m gonna go and check I’ve got enough clean pants to last the week…. see ya in the pit ;)

  • Back in the practice room… and on to the studio?

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    Just wanted to post a quick update as to what is going on with the band at the moment.

    We have a new tour all booked up for April 2011 – details of shows will be posted after I have finished writing this – and we are also working on getting at least 2 of the new songs we have been writing up and ready, and hopefully recorded, in time for when we go out.

    We have decided that once they are finished we will be making them available on-line only for now so we’ll let you know where you can get them as soon as we know…

    Anyway, jumping ahead of myself there, got to get them finished first! Back into the rehearsal studio tonight to put the finishing touches to them and get started on a few more….

    We’ll keep you posted :)

    Take it easy

  • New Shows Booked for 2010…

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    We’re happy to say that we have some more shows booked for the last part of 2010 so check out the dates and see you there!

  • Man… Time Flies… But New Dates Being Booked!

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    Hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since the tour finished… where did that go?!

    Anyway, the band have been taking a few weeks off to go and do whatever bands do when they aren’t touring (sleep mainly) and we are now getting a load more shows booked in for the rest of the year.

    Also looking at picking up on the songs we started to write at the beginning of the year that we had to put on hold with all the shows we had planned… who knows there may be another album in the pipeline yet ;)

    Thanks again to everyone that cam to the shows last month, keep checking back here for all the new ones that we will be putting up as they are confirmed… We’re hoping to get a local one in there too for all of you that keep asking!

    Finally (for now) make sure you join us on Twitter and Facebook and send in any pictures or things you think would make us smile or go on the site.

    Appreciate ya,