• Greatest Hits Pledge Campaign Almost There!

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    Thanks to everyone that has pledged so far – we’re nearly there!

    If you want to join in the fun then head over to http://pledgemusic.com/projects/spunge and see what takes your fancy :)

    We’ve actually booked the studio for August now and we have people working on some exclusive videos for you pledgers soon…

    In other news, we’ve added a few local shows throughout the year so go check them out and see ya in the pit!



  • Cleethorpes Rocks w/ The Buzzcocks

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    Cleethorpes Rocks with The Buzzcocks

  • Shows in July…

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    Yeah I know, I know, these should have been up a while ago but better late than never right :)

    Hopefully see you at the shows, looking forward to three weekends in a row of living in a tent lol!

    More info on our October tour will be available soon as well so watch this space.

  • [spunge] in London at The Scala on 04/02/11

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  • New Site Launched!

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    Welcome to the new look [spunge] site.

    We are going to be adding to this as we go along so keep checking back.
    Off on tour in about a weeks time so we’ll get some new stuff up from that as we can.

    If anyone has anything they want to send us to decorate the place then give me a shout at alex@spunge.co.uk