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greatest_hitGreatest Hit……s

ReleasedĀ 25/11/13

In 2013 the band decided to mark nearly two decades together by releasing a Greatest Hits with a difference.

With a track listing chosen completely by the fans and then re-recorded and bought kicking and screaming up to date to do the tracks justice, this isĀ a real fan favourite.

Recorded on Dent’all Records

Track Listing

1 Lyrical Content
2 Roots
3 Backstabber
4 Skanking Song
5 Whitehouse
6 Home Video
7 Ego
8 No Woman No Cry
9 Jump on Demand
10 Friend Called Fred
11 Angel With a Pint Glass
12 Some Suck Some Rock
13 Kicking Pigeons
14 Live Another Day
15 Change of Scene
16 Centerfold