Pedigree Chump (Digipak)

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2-chumpPedigree Chump – Digipak

Released December 2000

Only 2000 copies of the digipak were ever pressed. This limited edition CD includes a fold-out poster of the cover artwork as well as the DigiPak packaging. It didn’t come with the live CD though so you’ll have to search out the original pressing if ya want that one!

Recorded on MoonSka Europe

Track Listing

1 Lyrical Content
2 Idols
3 Kicking Pigeons
4 Roving Eye
5 Angel With A Pint Glass
6 Make Me Happy
7 Ode 2 Slimey Bassless
8 Whitehouse
9 Kiss My Face
10 Sleazoid
11 Freak
12 Whinger