Pedigree Chump

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2-chumpPedigree Chump

Released 01/03/99

Recorded at Merlin Cave Studios in Malvern Dec/Jan ’99. The first 3000 copies also had a live bonus CD which included some of the covers [spunge] did at the time. Due to demand the initial pressing sold out very quickly and became hard to get for a while but is now available more freely!

Recorded on MoonSka Europe

Track Listing

1 Lyrical Content
2 Idols
3 Kicking Pigeons
4 Roving Eye
5 Angel With A Pint Glass
6 Make Me Happy
7 Ode 2 Slimey Bassless
8 Whitehouse
9 Kiss My Face
10 Sleazoid
11 Freak
12 Whinger

Ltd Edition – 2nd CD

1 500 Miles (live)
2 Roving Eye (live)
3 Freak (live)
4 Pressure Drop (live)
5 Alt. Ulster (live)