spunge shop logoHead on over to the Spunge Shop to buy T-shirts, Hoodies, CD’s and more direct from the band.

We really appreciate your support and glad to be able to finally get it live!

SPUNGE EXTRACTION FEST 2015We’re really happy to announce FOUR NEW SHOWS for 2015….

And even better… we’re bringing Extraction Fest back!

Now, these will be our ONLY live shows for 2015 so make sure you grab your tickets on the Tours page and we’ll see you there!

spunge logo hi-resPartly to celebrate over 20 years of [spunge], but mainly just because we can :) we’ve rolled back to a hybrid of our sites back in the early 00’s!

We’ve added content from through the ages too so you can either relive your misspent youth or witness a bunch of it for the first time…

We also found the old forum so out of completeness you will find this in the Guestbook section… although we haven’t bothered with that as you can just comment away on here and Facebook now :)

Have fun – we will be adding more of what we have in the vaults and also anything else we find… feel free to share your own stuff like many of you have been on the Facebook page still and hope you enjoy the blast from the past!