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[spunge] tour dates and gigs are posted here immediately after we confirm them. We don’t know what the hell we are doing apart from what we put up here and that includes any other details to do with the show!

We know the ‘bloke down the pub’ might think he knows we are playing a secret gig in a tree house but until it’s up here, it ain’t happening!!

If we know where you can get hold of tickets then we’ll post that too, if it ain’t posted then please don’t ask us, check with the venue instead.

I suppose the main point is this, if we are doing a gig then it’s on this page so please don’t send any mails asking when we are gonna be about as chances are ya won’t get an answer!

Not in a nasty way of course, just in a ‘we know no more than you do’ type way!!

All the best, [spunge]


New shows announced soon

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering are you are playing at Henry’s Big Little Gig in September? They haven’t announced their headliners and read somewhere if it could be you? Are you able to confirm? I am a big fan. Thanks Sarah

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